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Service Statements


Awesome individuals creating awesome communities


Create engaging experiences in a collaborative environment for individuals to achieve professional, educational and personal goals.

Strategic Priorities

Access to equipment, resources and knowledge

  • The Makerspace provides software and equipment for design, development and fabrication in a collaborative space that encourages individual and community learning.
  • The Teaching Kitchen provides commercial kitchen equipment with access to local and national expertise to learn about and experience food in new and exciting ways.
  • The Meeting Rooms provide flexible seating arrangements with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to support a variety of meetings.

Instruction and Education

  • Provide continuous learning opportunities to build foundational knowledge and development of advanced skills.
  • Offer self-directed and instructor-led learning opportunities, tailored to meet each person at their individual skill level.
  • Connect individuals to formal training and certification pathways.

Workforce Development

  • Offer access and training for those looking to learn new job skills to succeed in a changing workforce.
  • Connect career mentors with youth and adults seeking new workforce opportunities.
  • Provide tools, training and support for startups and businesses to develop innovative products and services.