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You can help! Our Campaign goal is $3.9 million, and we're already well on our way. Please contact us to discuss a donation to our campaign.

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Naming Opportunities

New naming opportunities are available for Exploration Commons. Please contact us if interested or if you have any questions.

You can give in one of several ways:

Gifts of Cash: A direct, one time gift to our campaign is gratefully accepted.

Pledges: You need not make your donation in full at one time. Please consider a campaign gift that is payable over a period of five years. Pledge payments may be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. These payments can be cash, check, transfer of securities (stock), credit card or electronic fund transfer.

Stocks and Securities: Gifts of long-term appreciated stock or securities offer a quick and easy way to make a lasting contribution to Exploration Commons at 50 East that may offer tax benefits. Please contact us to assist you with a gift of stock.

Matching Gifts: Your donation may be increased with the use of a Matching Gifts Program through your employer.

Planned Gifts: The following gift options may also reduce your taxes.

Bequests: In addition to other ways to give, please consider including Exploration Commons at 50 East in your estate plans. Gifts through your will qualify for a charitable deduction, which may reduce your estate taxes and preserve more of the donor's assets for family and other intended beneficiaries. Please let us know if you need further information on how to make a gift through a bequest.

Charitable Gift Annuities: By designating a gift of cash or securities as a charitable gift annuity, donors and/or designated annuitants will receive a guaranteed fixed sum for life as well as receive a tax deduction. At the death of the last annuitant, the remaining principle is given to Exploration Commons at 50 East.

Beneficiary Designations:

Life Insurance: A gift of life insurance can be made during your lifetime by transferring ownership of the policy to Exploration Commons at 50 East. The value of your income tax deduction will be based on the cash surrender value of the policy as of the date of transfer. A gift of life insurance can also be made at the time of your death by naming Exploration Commons at 50 East as the beneficiary of the policy. For such a gift, your estate will be entitled to an estate tax deduction based on the value of the proceeds paid to us.

Retirement Plan Assets: A gift of retirement plan assets can be made by naming Exploration Commons at 50 East as the beneficiary of all (or a portion) of the assets. This is usually done on the retirement plan's beneficiary designation form. As with life insurance, your estate will be entitled to an estate tax deduction based on the value of the assets paid. Given the income tax treatment of retirement plan assets, it is often advisable, when possible, to use such assets to satisfy charitable bequests.

Charitable Donation

The Carroll County Public Library is a nonprofit, tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization. Gifts to the EXPLORATION COMMONS AT 50 EAST Capital Campaign qualify as charitable contributions, and can be deducted for Federal Income Tax purposes to the extent provided by law.

This information does not constitute legal or financial advice. Consult your financial advisor before making a gift or obtain professional counsel of an attorney to assist you in making a gift in a way that will benefit the people and organizations you care most about.